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Just Download it..LINK


C9 Instance Battle Video

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Watch the latest video one of the most anticipated MMORPG C9. This time it shows the players that are completing a quest in the instanced dungeon, Warrior, Hunter, and Shaman face the monster and finally the ultimate boss.

Starting from 2006, NHN Games have spent 3 years to develop this 3D MMORPG. C9 features exceptional graphics, action battle system, and an interesting storyline. C9 using their own engine developed by NHN Games that employ a programmer-programmers to produce high-class battle scenes and the best gaming environment possible.

Players will adventure in a world full of dangers and challenges. Until now there are 4 classes already available in the C9, the Warrior, Hunter, and 2 more class will soon be announced).


Link Download for The Last Remnant

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I've added download links for The Last Remnant at The Last Remnant post. There are 27 parts, so be patient if you want to start the game.


The Last Remnant

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An RPG game with elements of strategy and a unique battle system and the first created by Square Enix to use graphics engine "Unreal Engine 3". The story is fairly simple game, which tells the main character named Rush Sykes who seek her brother named Irina. Her sister was abducted by a group of evil people. And search the middle brother, Rush is not directly involved in the conflict that was going on between the two factions trying to control each artifact - artifact called the Remnant.

The Last Remnant world inhabited by various kinds of races are quite interesting.

Qsitis race like that has a shape like a human lizard. Mitras race that is human. Yamas race that has human form of fish. And there are many other races. Map of the world in this game is very broad. But gamer simply do not have explored just choose a location to be addressed. Map of the world in this game there are many towns and dungeon can be explored, such as caves, castles, forests, etc..

In the battle, gamers can control up to 5 troops consisting of several units or characters. And during the fight progresses, gamers sometimes also required to press a button to the right in accordance with the buttons that appear on the screen. Perfect score, gamers can menberi back to the opponent's attack, to avoid enemy attacks, or provide a destructive force to the enemy extraordinary. After the orders are given and the X button to start the battle, gamers will see the camera viewpoint is taken from various positions such as watching an amazing fight movies.

In addition, each has won a fight, gamers will get "Loot" is very useful as a material for upgrading weapons and protective order is owned by the character becomes more powerful. No experince point and point level to be pursued in this RPG game. Characters in this game will berlevel up by itself in accordance with the gamer's performance during the game.

If you meet a monster in a certain distance, gamers can directly challenge these monsters by pressing the RT button on the Xbox 360 controls. Or if you're lazy to fight, gamers can also escape by pressing the RB button to use tactics to slow time. Characters so gamers can easily avoid the monsters who try to surround.

Quality graphics for this game using RPG engine "Unreal Engine 3" is enchanting. Expression on the face of obvious character as to express feelings, and character of hair that moves with the smooth as the wind.

System requirements

* Windows Vista SP 1
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4GHz) / AMD Athlon X2 (2.4GHz)
* RAM : 2 GB Ram
* Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 VRAM 512 Mo
* Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c compatible
* 15 GB Hard Disk space

Release name: The.Last.Remnant-RELOADED
Size: 1DVD9, 9.14 GB (9,819,052,739 bytes)
Genre: RPG
Protection: Steam

Link Download:

*just change the number for the next part.
rar password : indowebster4ever
link password : IDWS


LEGO Universe is Coming

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Slowly but surely, one part by one part of the LEGO Universe is still in development.

LEGO Universe is a massive multiplayer online game being developed by the LEGO Group. This game will combine fun, quality, and creativity of LEGO products in the new world of online environment

Called LEGO Universe as a "massive multiplayer" means thousands of LEGO fans will gather in one place, in a "persistent" game world is always evolving due to the action of the players. In LEGO Universe, players will create, build, and adventure together.

LEGO Universe is planned for release on DVD and digital download in 2010. Most likely it will fix the system Pay-to-Play with a monthly fee.

For more information about LEGO Universe you can visit.


Ragnarok Online New Headgears Grand Sale

Bram Sutarsa

Lebaran in a minute, the expected next day will arrive, hooray. Time for us to forgive each other's forgiveness and begin new friendships in the world of Ragnarok

to accompany this feast will be held Ragnarok Indonesia Lebaran Grand Sale event that will bring not bear responsibility, a new 15 Headgear that will make you more and more cool style on this special day.

Event Lebaran Grand Sale will be held on September 16, 2009 ~ 30 September 2009. Let's not miss the new headgear and very cool style ^ ^ V

15-Headgear which will attend this time are:

  • Vane Hairpin: hairpins which likes windmills, AGI + 2. can not be beaten.
  • Hat of Falling Leaf: Hat from dried leaves preserved, MHP + 40, MSP + 40.
  • Elephant Hat: Hats that resemble an elephant's head, VIT + 1, 7% resistance to the monster of Animals. May issue waterball skills.
  • Crescent Helm: Helm of war a hero of the eastern region VIT + 1. reduce the 5% damage received from attacks demihuman.
  • Magic Eyes: magic hat with a magic eye picture 3. 10% speed up casting time. increasing use of 20% SP every skill issue.
  • Minstrel Hat: pointy green hat full of mystery. adds INT + 1, DEX + 1.
  • Hair Band Satellite: satellite miniature hats that can be worn on the head. MHP +50, +10 MSP. use Ruwach LV.1 skills.
  • Helm of Darkness: Helm of the legendary hero, said to still have power. STR + 2.
  • Puppy Hat: Hat shaped funny puppy, AGI + 1. likely cast Lv 1 Gloria skills while doing a physical attack. if AGI 77 characters or more, likely to be 3 times. Item can not be forged.
  • Bird Nest Hat: Hat-shaped bird's nest complete with bird children. DEX + 1, AGI + 1. resistance by 10% to Stun
  • Laurel Wreath: The circuit is used up an interest. LUK + 3. resistance by 5% of the Blind and Curse
  • Geographer Band: Geographer artificial cap is cool. INT + 1. have the possibility of auto casting Lv 1 Heal When the character receives a physical attack. Item can not be forged.
  • Lif Doll Hat: Lif doll cute doll and can be worn on the head. INT +1 MDEF + 1.
  • Valkyrie Feather Band: Band with fur Valkyrie, Valkyrie save a little power. INT + 1. INT + 1. have the possibility of auto casting Lv 1 Heal When the character receives a physical attack.
  • Vacation Hat: Hats for walking the road at the picnic, protect from ultra violet rays. VIT + 1. items can not be forged.

Wahh .... with the new headgear this update will add to the fun and play in the world of Ragnarok. So what are you waiting ...
Invite relatives, friends, and acquaintances you to gather and play together in a fun vacation days this ^ o ^.

The worlds hardest game

Bram Sutarsa

This game maybe looks simple for all of you. But wait..its not easy as you think! Its so hard! lol.. Try it. And tell me how far you have achived


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